Advanced Data Mining with Weka

This course will bring you to the wizard level of skill in data mining, following on from Data Mining with Weka and More Data Mining with Weka, by showing how to use popular packages that extend Weka’s functionality. You’ll learn about forecasting time series and mining data streams. You’ll connect up the popular R statistical package and learn how to use its extensive visualisation and preprocessing functions from Weka. You’ll script Weka in Python – all from within the friendly Weka interface. And you’ll learn how to distribute data mining jobs over several computers using Apache SPARK.

Offered by: The University of WaikatoLevel: Intermediate
Location: OnlineType: Free
Language: EnglishLicense: N/A
Sector: Non-specific
Gained skills: time series analysis; data stream mining; incremental classifiers; evolving data streams; support vector machines; R; distributed data mining; MapReduce; Python; GroovyTarget audience: practitioners; consultants; engineers; managers; data scientists; data analysts; researchers
Required skills: Weka; data analysis

Weekly outline